Popular Tattoo Designs

Tattooing can be a painful business, but not as painful as undergoing laser removal in an attempt to undo a terrible mistake. Here, we discuss some selected popular tattoo designs. If you’re looking for a tattoo that is popular, avoid the trendy fads of the last year and choose tattoos that are relevant, and stand the test of time. Below are five popular design options and their symbolic meaning, but they are not in any way based on current trends that may die out in years to come, like tear drops tattooed near the eye or star constellations.

Tattoo Designs

Large Animal Designs – It would be pointless to list the popular tattoo designs and their meanings, but large animals such as panthers, bears and lions have been inked for years. If you’re going for an animal theme tattoo, look for the meaning of different animals, or choose the one that you have a personal affinity to. You can also be creative in the design. For instance, bear tattoos often depict an American bear in the woods. Not as many Asiatic bears in a bamboo themed forest and an oriental vibe are seen. You can look for opportunities to put your own spin on popular tattoo designs.

Roses – This choice of tattoo has stood the test of time and is still as popular now as it ever has been. The rose color can signify meaning. For instance, a red rose symbolizes love and passion, while the black rose is a symbol of mourning. A rose can be a good tattoo for a first time inking, with a small one done on the ankle, or an elaborate arrangement can be done as a larger tattoo such as a sleeve.

Dagger – This is another popular tattoo design that has defied the test of time and in more recent inkings, they are combined with other symbols to produce elaborate designs. Daggers are a popular choice to symbolize betrayal, heartbreak, death, but also the ability to overcome these obstacles. Like roses, daggers can be dome in small designs for beginners, or as part of a larger tattoo design.

Cultural symbols – This is a very broad category of tattoo design. Because they are derived from mostly ancient times, their meanings are universal. These can include arm bands, tribal patterns, Indian symbols such as dream catchers and Asian characters such as Kanji symbols. Research the meaning of symbols you may choose thoroughly before you decide. There have been awkward stories of chinese symbols tattooed, and the tattoo being meaningless when translated into English.

Koi Fish Swimming Upstream – This tattoo design is seen widely and in many different colors. This design depicts a koi fish, swimming upstream, against the currents, and reaching to the top of a waterfall. This is a symbol of strength, courage, resilience against odds and good fortune. Lotus flowers of different colors will carry different meanings, so research the meanings. Koi Fish tattoos have risen in popularity over the last five years and is a current trend, but because its meaning is derived from ancient customs, it is likely to be appealing in many years to come.

There are many other popular motifs, but when choosing, the key message is that your choice needs to be something that you will enjoy and will still be popular long after the tattoo has healed. The balance is between popularity and timelessness.

What to do when ink meets carpet?

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