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Temporary Tattoo Fundraisers – Great Ideas

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Looking for a great and unique Hawaii Fundraising idea?

You can have a stack load of enjoyable with a Short-lived Tattoo Charity event.

It’s a simple fundraising concept that can fit in to any event.

It’s also an ideal charity event for Schools, Churches and other neighborhood groups!

There are two ways you can run this fundraising idea …

1. By bringing in a temporary tattoo business to sell the tattoos at your occasion. You will then take a commission of the sales …

2. Or by purchasing the short-lived tattoos yourself and offering them on.

By offering the tattoos yourself you will make a better profit, however it will clearly take a bit more work. Using a business to do it for you will make it more practical …

But it’s up to you to choose which method will work much better for your company.

So what events will the momentary tattoo fundraising event work at?
Well, at any occasion where there are kids and teenagers !!!

That might be a fundraising event of any type – a reasonable, a sports event, or a special date occasion, like Halloween.

As long as you create some excitement around the tattoos, you will have the ability to make it a success.

Let’s start …

Sourcing Your Tattoos:

After you’ve decided which method you will hold the charity event, you will either need to discover a business to use, or you will need to source your tattoos from someplace.

Certainly you will wish to find the very best offer. Just make sure that the tattoos are still good quality.

You never ever desire to sell a poor quality product … It’s one of the important things that will stop people from supporting you and your cause!

Use a simple Google Search below to find a short-term tattoo provider …

Selling The Tattoos:
Clearly if you are utilizing a business to offer the tattoos you won’t require to fret about this.

If not you have to put some good preparation into it to make sure you raise the funds you require.

A stand would be the very best starting point for offering your temporary tattoos. Have huge banners up that are memorable and will draw people over to the stand.

Your Sales Team:

Ensure that your sales team behind the stand knows exactly what they are discussing and informs people precisely why you are selling the tattoos …

To raise funds for your reason for course!

You need to also have a couple of sales members strolling around at the event offering the tattoos separately, or sending individuals over to stand.

Before the Event …

Before the event in fact occurs you should likewise promote the charity event, so that people who are participating in will learn about it before they even arrive.

Utilize all the normal techniques to do this …

Like on your site, through your newsletters, your social networks accounts, and other statements and press releases that you launch about your event!


The short-term tattoo fundraiser can likewise be run using henna tattoos. It’s something you might certainly put some thought into!

However basically this is an actually simple fundraising concept that can raise a good amount of funds.

It will not be your multimillion fundraiser, however added onto to an occasion it will assist increase your bottom line quite nicely!

So at your next occasion get delighted and start tattooing!